Śrī Venkateswara

Viśṇu, out of love incarnated as Venkaṭeswara to uplift humanity in Kali yuga (start ©3102 BCE), thus one of the most popularly worshiped form of Viśṇu in this age. Venkaṭeswara means Vem (Sin), Kaṭa (cut), ĪŚwara (Lord) and taken together means “The Lord who destroys sins”. Special events in the temple include: Archana on Friday evenings, recitation of Viśṇu Sahasranāma on Thursdays, monthly Suprabātam together with Abhiṣekam (ritual bathing) or Kalyāṇam (wedding ceremony) on the fourth Saturdays. Annual Phoolangi seva (floral dress), Sudarṣana homa in the Yāgashāla and Vaikunṭha Ekādaśi (Dec-Jan).

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