Hanumān is the mightiest, wisest, swiftest, and greatest devotee of Rāma (incarnation of Viśṇu) celebrated in the epic Rāmāyana. He played a key role in rescuing Rāmā’s wife Sītā (incarnation of Lakṣmi) abducted by demonic King Rāvaṇa. Hanumān is worshipped as the embodiments of strength, tenacity, tact, agility, and devotion. He is son of vāyu, the god of wind. Special events in the temple include: Singing “Hanumān Chālisa” (forty verses) on Tuesdays and “Sundarkānd” (a section of Ramāyan on his adventures in Lanka to find Sītā and evaluate enemy’s strength) on 3rd Sundays.

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