Śiva symbolically is worshiped as “linga” (union of male and female energies) along with Nandi (divine bull, his vehicle), Pārvati (consort), two sons (Gaṇeśa, and Subhramaṇya), Sūrya (sun) and Viśṇu. Śiva with his cosmic dance represents dissolution aspect of the Supreme. He is described as an omniscient yogi, in deep meditation on Mount Kailās as well as a householder. Special events in the temple include: Śiva mahimnaḥ Stotra recitation on Mondays, annual Rudra Yajña in yāgashāla and annual Mahā Śivarātri whole day and night worship with singing, and several Śivābhiṣekaṃs (ritual bathings of Śiva Linga) in February.

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