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The Grand Inauguration Puja – Nov 1st

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Dear Supporters,

On behalf of the Long Range Planning Committee I want to thank all of you for your financial and moral support in completing this enormous project. This project has been of great importance to our temple’s “Dream Projects” and the long term viability of the temple. In my memory, this is the first project which has been completed in such a short time. As an update, more than 9 units are fully paid and the rest are getting close to be paid.

We have arranged the following program (Download) to celebrate this occasion. Please try to come by 10:30 AM on Nov.1st, 2014 so that we can start the program in time. Please bring your family and friends also.

As you will notice, we will have poles posted at different spots, along with numbers, name of deity or donor. Fully paid units will be identified. Please remember these signs are “temporary”. In the very near future, the signs will be replaced by permanent signs, which will be more decorative and strong to last for many years.

We still have 5 new spots available. Please help us find sponsors for these as well. The iron gate is also under fabrication and we hope it will be ready by November 1st (99%, weather permitting).

Your support, encouragement and cooperation has brought us where we are today!


I hope to share the details about our future and upcoming projects, such as the Community Center, the Retirement Homes, etc. very soon.

Laxmi Shanker
Chair, Long Range Planning Committee



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