Sri Sita Rama Kalyanam

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Puja Schedule: March 23rd to April 3rd
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  Date   |        Day       |   Time     |       Event

23-Mar   Monday          6:45pm    Shivabhishek
24-Mar   Tuesday       10:30am    Kalash Sthapana Navratri
24-Mar   Tuesday         6:00pm    Ramayan Path
24-Mar   Tuesday         7:00pm    Hanuman Chalisa
25-Mar   Wednesday  10:00am    Chandi Path
25-Mar   Wednesday    6:00pm    Ramayan Path
26-Mar   Thursday      11:00am    Ramayan Path
26-Mar   Thursday        7:00pm    Vishnu Sahasra Naam Path
27-Mar   Friday           10:30am    Ramayan Path
27-Mar   Friday             6:30pm    Lalitha Sahasra Naam Parayanam
28-Mar   Saturday       10:00am    Chandi Path
28-Mar   Saturday         4:00pm    Ramayan Path
29-Mar   Sunday          11:00am    Ramayan Path
29-Mar   Sunday            4:00pm    Aiyappa Puja
30-Mar   Monday          11:00am    Ramayan Path
30-Mar   Monday            6:45pm    Shivabhishek
31-Mar   Tuesday         10:00am    Chandi Path
31-Mar   Tuesday           6:00pm    Ramayan Path
01-Apr   Wednesday    11:00am    Ramayan Path  CANCELLED
01-Apr   Wednesday      6:30pm    Ashtami Havan Puja
02-Apr   Thursday        10:00am    Navami Ramayan Ends
02-Apr   Thursday          6:30pm    Ram Navmi Puja and Vishnu S Path
03-Apr   Friday             10:00am    Daily Puja
03-Apr   Friday               6:00pm    Lalitha Sahshra Naam Paryanam

Puja Information:  Madhu Sharma (Puja Committee Chair) 513-807-5081