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Temple Health & Safety

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Dear Devotees:

Wishing your families and friends back in India safety, health, and care during the devastating situation the country is currently going through. If you arrived from India recently, we urge you and your immediate contacts to refrain from visiting the Temple for a period of 2 weeks (14 days) after arrival unless there is a negative result from COVID test conducted 3 or more days after arrival to US. This request is to protect patrons from potential risk of exposure. Please visit Vaccines.gov for more information on free testing locations in your area.  Just type in your 5-digit zip code and click the search button.

We humbly request to all the members, volunteers to go and get the vaccine. Please consult your family physicians or health authorities if you have specific issues. Getting everyone vaccinated is absolutely necessary for our safety as well as that of our loved ones. The management is putting safeguards in accordance with CDC Guidelines and our utmost priority is the safety of our staff, volunteers, and the devotees.

Thank you for your cooperation,

Temple Management

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