(Please note: Puja is not confirmed until notified by Meena Sondhi)


(Chief Priest)
Acharya Kailash Sharma

Priest Dakshina

All puja rate amounts do not include Priest Dakshina. Sponsors (devotees) are encouraged to provide Dakshina to Priest at their will and satisfaction. This Dakshina directly goes to the Priest. A reimbursement of travel expenses for the Priest during outside puja will be required at 0.50 cents per mile.

* Rates of Mata Ki Chauki performed at another temple will be 50% of the money collected at the Temple or a minimum of $701.00.

Rates are subject to change without notice. Rates of Pujas not listed above and requiring less than four hours of Priest’s time will normally be $101.00 (inside the temple) and $151.00 (outside the temple). Rate of Pujas out of greater Cincinnati will be $100.00 more than the rates of outside Puja within the greater Cincinnati area.

To schedule any puja, please contact Meena Sondhi at 513-290-7541 or email at meena.sondhi@gmail.com