(Please note: Puja is not confirmed until notified by Meena Sondhi)


Acharya Chakreshwar Sharma


Note: SPECIAL PUJA RATES for Mata Ki Chauki performed at another temple will be 15% of the money collected at the temple or a minimum of $501.00.

  • Pujas performed by priests outside the temple will be rated according to the number of Pujas performed.
  • .50 Cents/Miles for Travel expanse to the Priest to perform Puja at your home.

Rates are subject to change without notice. Rates for Pujas not on the list and requiring less than 4 hours of priests time will normally be $101 if performed inside the temple and $151 if performed outside of temple (e.g. at home). Rates of Pujas out of Greater Cincinnati will be $100.00 more than the rates of outside Puja within the Greater Cincinnati area.

Download Guidelines for Puja and Religious Activities

Rates for Puja and Priest Services
Pease Note : Rates are subject to change without notice.
To schedule any puja, please contact Meena Sondhi at 513-831-9788 or email at meena.sondhi@gmail.com