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  • There are 9 categories of entries. Maximum number of entries per category is 5. Please check online to ensure that the category is still open. We will be closing the category as soon as the limit has been reached.
  • The deadline to submit the online form is no later than August 4, 2018Forms submitted after the deadline and/or without payment will be rejected.
  • Repetition of the same song will not be permitted. Before submitting the entry, please check the song selections below or else your entry will be rejected. For example, If it is classical, we can accept only one Pushpanjali/ Tillana/ Jathiswaram. it cannot be repeated. If it is Bollywood, please mention first few words (may be 5 words) of the beginning of the song.
  • Incomplete and/or inaccurate forms will NOT be accepted
  • Revisions to the form will NOT be accepted (even within the deadline)
  • Please make sure that the performers are within the categorized age group. Judges will deduct the points for that performance if the requirement is not met.
  • Program should be within 5 mins, otherwise points will be deducted by the judges if it exceeds 5 mins.
  • Performers are requested to stay from 12pm – 6pm. Please do NOT register if you will not be able to stay during that timeframe.(Reporting time is given for your reference only).
  • Since this is competition and the performances are categorized, we will not be able to reschedule your slots.
  • Cancellations or withdrawal are NOT recommended after the deadline because payments will NOT be refunded if you are withdrawing after the deadline. Please register ONLY if you are going to perform for the event.
  • If you have any questions, please email to hsgccultural@gmail.com.  Questions and queries will be answered in a reasonable time-frame. Please do not send multiple emails with the same query.
  • Confirmation email will be sent week after the deadine only.
  • By completing and sending this form, you are acknowledging to abide by the event rules

Dance Competition Rules and Regulations

Current Song Selections For Performances (Updated Frequently)
(Repetition of the same song will not be permitted. Before submitting the entry, please check the song selections below)

Aadu Paambe
Aja Nachle-Ghoomar
Andaal Kauthuvam
Barso Re megha
Dheem Ta Dare
Dhithiki Dhithiki Thei
Dola Re Rola
Galti Se Mistake
Ghoomar Navrai

Gun Gun Guna Re
Haryanyi Bollywood Mix
Hindolam Tillana
Ishq Shava, Koi Ladka Hai
Kangana Re N Barso Re
Kanha Mane Na
Lagti Hai Thaai
Mamatha Gudimalla
Manva Laage, Taal se Taal, Kathak Fusion

Mera Haathon Mein
Mujhe Rang De
Natesha Kauthvam
Prem Ratan Dhan Payo,Swag se, Masallah Masallah
Mehandi He Rachne
Rind Posh Maal
Sojo Zara

Thillana-Kapi Raagam
Tinga Tinga, Ek do Teen
Unne Kanathu Kanna/Viswaroopam
Vachinde & Rangamma Mangamma
Song Number 40
Song Number 41
Song Number 42
Song Number 43
Song Number 44


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The following categories have been filled:
Minors (Ages 5-9) Group Bollywood - FULL
Juniors (Ages 10-14) Solo Classical - FULL
Juniors (Ages 10-14) Solo Bollywood - FULL
Juniors (Ages 10-14) Group Bollywood - FULL
Seniors (Ages 15 and above) Solo Classical - FULL
Seniors (Ages 15 and above) Group Bollywood - FULL
Seniors (Ages 15 and above) Solo Bollywood - FULL
If more than one performer, place commas in between
Mention all songs for Medley performance separated by commas
Will you be using any props for your performance?
Description of what is going to be performed

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