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  • There are 8 categories of entries. Maximum number of entries per category is 5. Please check online to ensure that the category is still open. We will be closing the category as soon as the limit has been reached.
  • The deadline to submit the online form is no later than August 15, 2017. Forms submitted after the deadline and/or without payment will be rejected.
  • Repetition of the same song will not be permitted. Before submitting the entry, please check the song selections below or with the Cultural Chair at hsgcnaachsitare1@gmail.com
  • Incomplete and/or inaccurate forms will NOT be accepted
  • Questions and queries will be answered in a reasonable time-frame. Please do not send multiple emails with the same query.
  • Event rules are at the bottom of this form
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Current Song Selections For Performances (Updated Frequently)
(Repetition of the same song will not be permitted. Before submitting the entry, please check the song selections below)

Aadu Pambe Sambo
Desh Rangeela
Dhaakad -Jiyo Re Baahubali
Gambeera Nattai-Pushpanjali
Ganesh Pancharatnam Bho Shmabho
Kali Varnam
Kshemanga Velli Labhanga Ravoi
Maaye Varnam

Natyam Pranamu Pranavakaram
Rama Natakam
Rangeela Baro Dholna
Ruth Aa Gayee Re
Shri Vigna Rajam Bhaje
Taal Se Taal
Tani Avartnam
Telugu song
Tukur Tukur

Valaji Thillana
Song Number 22
Song Number 23
Song Number 24
Song Number 25
Song Number 26
Song Number 27
Song Number 28
Song Number 29
Song Number 30

Song Number 31
Song Number 32
Song Number 33
Song Number 34
Song Number 35
Song Number 36
Song Number 37
Song Number 38
Song Number 39
Song Number 40

Dance Competition Rules and Regulations