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  1. Asha adupa
    | Reply

    Sure will participate

    • Swetha
      | Reply

      Hi from the 2 years planning to register for naach sitaree when registration r open but soon after slots r filled plz give chance for new people not only old people .if u could change we really appreciate it.Everyone had talent.

      • Gregory Smith
        | Reply

        Hi Swetha,

        I’m very sorry you weren’t able to register. We try to let everyone know a few months in advance when registration begins so that people can prepare (Temple website/newsletter/poster/flyers/etc). Some categories do go fast, but none were filled on the first or second day. We have a “first come, first serve” policy and do not reserve any spots for anyone new or old. We would love to have you perform at next year’s Naach Sitare 2019. Please visit the website frequently or subscribe to our weekly newsletter for all the latest information and news. This way you can be among the first to sign up.

        Thank you,

        Greg Smith

        Temple Assistant Manager

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