The Hindu Temple of Greater Cincinnati is a spiritual sanctuary welcoming all who enter. A place where families come together and share in the serenity and beauty of the Hindu way of life. A magnificent place of worship with 16 breath-taking Deities. The Hindu Temple's stunning architecture sits atop 100 acres of prime wooded land and as you drive through the large iron gates, you will feel it's peace and tranquility. MORE

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Temple Fully Reopening - Phase III

Dear devotees/ Well-wishers:

Due to the success of vaccinations along with it's protection, it gives us great pleasure to inform you of the Executive Council’s (EC’s) decision to fully open the Temple to ALL starting Monday, June 07, 2021. In the third phase of the reopening, the Hindu Temple will open it's doors to the public with only one stipulation.  Masks will still be mandatory whether you have been vaccinated or not.  This is temporary until the final phase (Phase IV) in which masks will no longer be required.  Special Note:  Fruit and flower prasad are now permitted and can be brought from home or supplied by the Temple.